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In the age of information and technology, I am happy that Government J. Thankima College has taken a step to be a part of the global community that shares and disseminate information and knowledge through technology. Technological growth such as computers, laptops, internet and mobile phones are within the reach of a common man and has greatly changed the society through the free flow of information and knowledge today. It is not only the government or industrial companies that facilitates the growth of these technologies for benefit but educational institutions and centres of learning, as well as trade and commerce, which is evident from the terms ‘e-learning’, ‘e-governance’, and the like, gaining the rank of a common parlance. As such, this website has been created with the purpose of providing correct information and knowledge, thereby enhancing quality education.


This website would also serve as a record for the College. All activities of the College and the students are to be updated and archived which will be easily accessible. It will also be forum where the students as stakeholders in education and the College can air their opinions, ask questions and lodge complaints.


I hope that the College website would be a source of information for anyone seeking information about the College and would benefit the students and the faculty members in enhancing quality education.


‘Soar high’






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