mission and vision

Mission And Vision


The vision of the College is reflected in the College motto “Soar High”. Higher education should provide service to the community and the country through education and training leadership for which free and independent thinking with moral dignity must be the basis of every individual.  Truth and action must also be the pedestal on which the education at higher level must stand. 


                        It is envisioned that the graduates from this College attain a good moral discipline to be good citizens.  They must be sensitive to human issues and should be clothed with adequate life skills to face the challenges of life. The College, therefore, shall always strive in fostering global competencies among the students, inculcating a value system with a quest for excellence.


Higher education must also mould the youth to contribute towards wealth generation and to prevail over physical, mental, social, moral, national and international challenges.  This College believe that the means of work are as important as the end – ‘If the means are ethical, the end is bound to be productive’ (Vivekananda).

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